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October 30, 2009



Early into my quest to learn more about Will Kimbrough, I discovered his current band Daddy, head by he and Tommy Womack. As crazy as Will looks and plays, when you look at Tommy, you know you’re seeing crazy for the first time! Come back to learn what I learn about the Boys. Speaking of the boys, they played a big part in putting together Jimmy Buffett’s new album coming out in December. We’ll learn more about that too.

October 29, 2009

Ilo Ferreira

Again with FaceBook: I’ve been getting to know a pretty interesting PH Type named Kevin Caswell. He posted a link to Ilo Ferreira joining Buffett on stage during last year’s Summerz Cool Tour. Thanks for reminding me to looking into this guy Kev. I caught him on one of the rare times I listen to Buffett Concerts on Radio Margaritaville (via Sirus), and he peaked my interest, but never got back to checking him out more. You can bet I will now.

October 29, 2009

Big Ol’ Johnson

I always thought that MySpace was the place musicians promoted their music. Well, FB is working fine for me as you can tell. Yesterday, I got this Video from John Reno. I met John last year during my brief stay on Meet the Phlockers. We had a nice chat on the phone, and he invited me down to Fairhope Alabama for a visit. I think I should take him up on his offer now that I’m out in Georgia for a while. For now, here’s John’s clever Big Ol’ Johnson.

It’s OFFICIAL… This Video has gone VIRAL! 144,456 Views as of 11/24.

The “Johnson” Countdown:

As of 12/4: 190,406… Will it make 200,000 (I’m betting it will)

As of 12/7: 202,773. At this rate, it could even top 300,000. That’s quite an accomplishment.

October 26, 2009

Will Kimbrough and Jimmy Buffett

As a song writer, it must be great to have someone like Jimmy Buffett record your work. But it’s gone farther than that for Will Kimbrough. Seems he’s been working with Jimmy of late. I had heard some rumors to that effect, but never got the chance to look into it very deeply. Today I ran across the following answer in an interview that asked Will if he’d done any traveling with Buffett:


A little bit, yeah. I went to the Caribbean to write songs with Buffett, but only for one day really, or a day and a half. I was playing a show in Nashville, and then I had to be in New York two days later, and he called me at the last minute and said, “I’m in St. Barts, do you want to write?” and I said “Sure.” I played the show in Nashville and got up at four o’clock in the morning to catch the earliest flight, flew down to St. Barts, set up and started working on songs. He had some things he started and wanted to finish with me, and I had some things I started and wanted to play for him. We ended up with three songs out of that day and a half. They didn’t get finished that day, but they got close, and we got some demos. Actually, some of the recordings he did on his laptop will end up on his new record. That’s fun stuff.

Another trip was that he had a gig in the Caribbean, and he called me to sub for his regular guitarist, Peter Mayer. He had some recording sessions in England and in Muscle Shoals and Nashville, and I worked on all those. We also did a show in London, which was the first time he’d played a full show Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers Band in England ever. He’s played solo twice over the years for a TV show or a benefit. That was fun to be a part of. Some of it was with him, most of it was on my own and a little bit of it was with Rodney Crowell.

October 25, 2009

A Real Piece of Work

Say what you want about FaceBook, but there are some really cool aspects to it. Take the other day, when a friend of mine posted this YouTube Video of Will Kimbrough performing “Piece of Work.” One of my favorite Buffett Covers. As always, that lead to my checking out more things on the Internet about Will, but we’ll get to that at a later date, as we Follow in Jimmy Buffett’s Wake.