Big Ol’ Johnson

I always thought that MySpace was the place musicians promoted their music. Well, FB is working fine for me as you can tell. Yesterday, I got this Video from John Reno. I met John last year during my brief stay on Meet the Phlockers. We had a nice chat on the phone, and he invited me down to Fairhope Alabama for a visit. I think I should take him up on his offer now that I’m out in Georgia for a while. For now, here’s John’s clever Big Ol’ Johnson.

It’s OFFICIAL… This Video has gone VIRAL! 144,456 Views as of 11/24.

The “Johnson” Countdown:

As of 12/4: 190,406… Will it make 200,000 (I’m betting it will)

As of 12/7: 202,773. At this rate, it could even top 300,000. That’s quite an accomplishment.


One Comment to “Big Ol’ Johnson”

  1. John just posted on Facebook, that this video is approaching 100,000 views in the short time it’s been up. Congratulations John. You and your Johnson deserve it! 500,000 next? I think so.


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