When it get down to how long it took me to discover John Prine… I just kick myself in the ass every time I think about it. When I was following Jimmy and the Reefers around during Beach House on the Moon, I pulled into the Winter Leg of the Tour a week early at Mike Utley’s invitation. In the, by then expected, long string of luck I experienced on that whole trip the little beach hotel I picked out happened to be right across the street from the Suncoast Surf Shop. The Proprietor’s name is Joe Nuzzo, and from the time I saw an old picture of he and Jimmy Buffett sailing, I knew I was gonna like this guy. It turned out he was also a good friend of John Prine. As we talked through out the week, John’s name came up often. It was one of those things where you recognize the name and figure you know who the person is talking about. It was one of those situations. I knew Prine was a musician (dah, all the John Prine CD’s for sale on Nuzzo’s counter told me that), and automatically thought I’d heard him. Well, I was wrong and didn’t discover it until a good friend of mine, Susan Blankenship of Spooner Radio turned me on to John Prine a couple of months ago. Since then it’s been full tilt boogie trying to catch up on John’s Music. So, in the spirit of this Blog, where I talk about people and things that have come into my life because of Jimmy Buffett, I proudly introduce John Prine to those of you who might have not gotten to know him yet.


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