The Saga of Will Kimbrough’s “Piece of Work”

Since I started this whole Blog off with a look at Will Kimbrough’s version of one of my favorite Buffett Cover’s, “Piece of Work,” it’s about time we revisit the song as I promised. And since it’s worth a second look, will start off with yet another performance by Will, and share some things that have shown up in this song’s “Wake.”

Jimmy’s Version

And How Did Sawyer from “Lost” Get Into the Mix?

Now, I can’t wait to see what Jimmy does with “Nobody from Nowhere!” It has quickly become one of my favorites of Will and Tommy’s work. Check it out for yourself. And check out Tommy Womack’s dancing. Then tell me “White Guys can’t dance.”


2 Comments to “The Saga of Will Kimbrough’s “Piece of Work””

  1. Great idea JQ. I’m in again. Met Will at Floridaze in Ruskin, Fl 2009. Amazing! Can’t wait til Buffet Hotel. Thanks, CJ

  2. Tommy Womack was a major contributor to my mis-spent youth. Every time Tommy’s band, Government Cheese would come to Louisville, I’d try to be there. Great times, thanks Tommy.

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