I love how this Blog thing is going. The other day I heard from an old friend, Blake Phillips, who has started writing and also is authoring a couple of Blogs. One of Blake’s Blogs, @ ourkindofmusic.wordpress.com, has a great interview with Todd Snider. You ought to drop by and give it a read. During our phone call, we talked a lot about Will Kimbrough. Seems Blake has spent some time with Will too.

By the end of our talk, I was telling Blake he had to check out Band of Heathens, and he said that I had to check out some of Rodney Crowell’s stuff. Particularly, “Don’t Get Me Started,” and “I Walk the Line – Revisited.” Well, you know me, I checked it out for sure, and these are some of the first things I dug up:

* Take a look at the guy to Rodney’s right, playing a mean guitar. It looks like Will Kimbrough! Damned if it isn’t him. Man, this Seven Degrees of Jimmy Buffett Thing covers a lot of ground, doesn’t it?

* You know me, I’ll be digging a lot deeper. I’ll be sure to share with you as I do too. And Thanks to Blake for turning me on to some more of Rodney’s stuff. Blake also tells me that when Will plays with Rodney, he does the Johnny Cash impersonation. Man, I can’t wait to see that someday in person. Or Prison! Or whatever.


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