So, My Good Buddy Bill Burton Says To Me The Other Day….

You gotta listen to the Band of Heathens… You’ll love ’em.

What’s this got to do with following in Buffett’s Wake? Well, like I’ve said before, it’s kind of like the 7 Degrees of Jimmy Buffett:

Bill Burton was the first Parrothead I met online back in ’95. It was May, and it was in the Margaritaville Cafe on AOL. Bill lives in Raleigh North Carolina, and he was my first hint that Right Coast Parrotheads were a step ahead of what I was used to on the Left Coast. I talk about Bill often in my next book, and if I need to go to someone about “Good Music,” I go right to him. And he wasn’t wrong about the Band of Heathens!” I just started listening to them less than a week ago, and I haven’t heard a song I didn’t like.

A bunch of guys were performing solo in Austin, and would jam together off and on. Then suddenly they realized…”Hey we sound pretty damn good,” and the band was formed. Give ’em a listen and tell me what you think. So Bill sent me a link to the Band of Heathens performing on on Austin City Limits. And as they say the rest was history.

As far as my 7 Degrees of Jimmy Buffett theory goes… “Now hang with me on this one“… it is two-fold: First, the first song, “LA County Blues” is about long-time Jimmy Buffett Pal, Hunter S. Thompson. And if we go to the “Far flung” connection, it’s Jimmy and Jerry Jeff Walker appeared on Austin City Limits together years back.

Here’s two more for you to enjoy: Jackson Station and Jenny Was a Keeper.


2 Comments to “So, My Good Buddy Bill Burton Says To Me The Other Day….”

  1. So I guess this isn’t the same Bill Burton that is a spokesman for President Obama 🙂

  2. First Off Josh, It’s an honor to have the Webmaster of Buffett World, not to mention 1st Class Propeller Head, here for the soft launch of “Club St. Somewhere: Following In Jimmy Buffett’s Wake.” Now to answer your question: Bill is not “The” Spokesman for Barry, but he is certainly “A” Spokesman for him. But I love him anyway. We go way back to May of 1995 when we met in AOL’s Margaritaville Cafe (and this from a guy (me) who hates “Chatrooms”). He also arranged my first Right Coast Buffett Concert at Raleigh in June of ’95.

    Hey Josh, I hope you come back often, and why don’t you send some to the most serious of PH’s you have over at Buffett World to visit this site. I know the Cream of the Crop that visits your site will understand what we are trying to do over here. And If you want, you can be the first “Official” Sponsor! We’d love to hear your perspective on things as often as you feel like commenting. it would be a great way for people to get to know you.


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