So… I guess the starting point for me on the “Review Process” is What Friggin Album Number is this anyway?

#32 By my count! So how do I count ’em? you ask. Well I’ll tell you:

  • First off, I don’t count High Cumberland Jubilee or Down to Earth. They have come out under so many different names and configurations, that I figure Jimmy doesn’t count them either. Is this fair or correct? I don’t really know. Plus if you were to ask Parrotheads to start naming Buffett Albums they can name, I doubt if these two would ever show up on most peoples list. Especially the newer Parrotheads. So, I start with  ABC/Dunhill’s A White Sportscoat & A Pink Crustacean in 1973. Plus there is no Coral Reefers Credit (and that right there is enough reason for me to leave them off). That’s My Story and I’m Stickin’ To It!
  • But let’s take a look at those 32 down into five Categories:

1) Regular Albums – 24

2) Live Albums – 4: You Had To Be There, ’85; Feeding Frenzy, ’90; Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, ’99; and Meet Me In Margaritaville, ’03

3) Compilations – 2: Songs You Know By Heart, ’85 & Boats, Beaches, Bars, Ballads Box Set, ’92

4) Holiday – 1: Christmas Island, ’96

5) Movie Track – 1: Rancho Deluxe, ’75

How about if we break those down by Decades for the fun of it:

THE 70’S: 1973 – 1    1974 – 2    1975 – 1    1976  – 1    1978 – 3      1979 – 1 =  9

THE 80’s: 1981 – 2        1983 – 1         1984 – 1          1985 – 2          1986 – 1          1988 – 1         1989 – 1   = 9

THE 90’s: 1990 – 1       1991-1            1992 – 1          1994 – 1          1995 – 1           1996 – 2        1998 – 1  1999 – 1     = 9

THE  0’s:   2002 – 1      2003 – 1         2004 – 1        2006 – 1         2009 – Buffet Hotel   =  5

So, what does this tell us?

  1. Jimmy is slowing down finally. Nine albums each Decade until this Decade. Hell have to release four more albums next year to catch up. Not likely to happen. The writing is on the wall Parrotheads, the end is near.
  2. Busiest Year: 1978. With five other multiple release years in ’74, ’81, ’85, ’96 & ’99.


  1. I’m sorry but if you are going to count Rancho Deluxe then you have to count High Cumberland Jubilee or Down to Earth too.

    Besides, I sold my copy of Down to Earth a couple of years ago for $300! Made a real nice return on my investment. So I know there’s at least one other person who would count it.

    • I’m sorry Bobby… I don’t have to count anything I don’t want to. It’s my Hit Parade! But you can count High Cumberland Jubilee over at Parrot Key if you want. I do however respect your opinion. My stance is one of years… 1973 was the start. Any of the good song on HCJ appeared on future albums. With the possible exception of Ellis Dee

      • Re-reading what I posted, sounds a lot more serious than I meant it.

        I’m not sure anyone other you and I even cares enough to have the discussion.


  2. what about the soundtrack to ‘hoot’? ps – my first buffett show was so long ago..it was..get this…festival seating! remember that?

  3. Hey Jack…

    Did they make an album of “Hoot’s” Soundtrack? I’ll have to research that one out. It was a fun little movie for me, and the music was cool. Glad to have a “Long Time” PH visiting the Club. Hope you come back often.


  4. Yes they did, you can find it on Amazon.com

    • OK Bob “O”

      Do we count this as a Buffett Album? I think we should form a committee and invite some truly hi-grade PH’s and start a discuss on “Just How Many Albums Has Jimmy Buffett Put Out?” In fact I have a group of people already put together. After much discussion, we’ll vote and come to a PH Conclusion! Just give me a week or two more to settle in, and I’ll get it started. Of course you are in that group… As one of the MOST HI-GRADE PH’s I know.

  5. So, along with Hoot there are a number of ‘live’ or compilation albums (sorry I still call them albums). I have a ‘Live in Auburn Washington’ and there are many “Live @” CD’s. While I would consider DTE and HCJ worthy of inclusion in the list, I would not consider these “Live @” as most were taken from the board and don’t offer any new or interesting songs. Just my opinion FWIW.

  6. Here’s a thought….how about a Will Kimbrough produced Jimmy Buffett CD? THAT would be worth waiting for. I love Todd Snider’s East Nashville Skyline for it’s ‘in your living room’ feel. i think a CD with the some new Buffett songs and that kind of production would be awesome!

  7. Utley and Mac seem to have a lock on the “Producer” duties (and for good reason) for Buffett, but I agree, Will would have something to add to the mix. What we have with Hotel Buffet is probably as close as were going to get. Two covers (though Jimmy list it as co-written – “Wings”) and two that Will and Tommy collaberated on the writing credits.

    I agree with Jack on the “Live @” CD’s (notice not called Albums). I don’t even own one. I can remember being so proud of owning “Every” Buffett Album. Then the Target and other “Specialty” Compilation CD’s showed up, and then these “Live @’s”. I just couldn’t keep up. So right now, my goal is to have everthing Will puts out, and autographed.

    Hey Jack… Will is going to do a “House Concert” at our new place in Jacksonville. You ought to travel out and catch it. Thanks for you input here at the Club. I’m going to see if I can start promoting the site and get a little more “serious” comments added to yours.

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