Wow… A Year of Good-Byes for me. The biggest, is that we’re leaving the Left Coast and heading for Jacksonville. Upon hearing the news, a friend commented… “Sheeze Jackson, I guess if Jimmy has Margaritaville, you can have Jacksonville.

Well, while not the reason for moving, it’s a nice thought. It’s simply time to leave after pretty much living here for most of my 60+ years in California.  I love the South, and Jacksonville is as close as I can get for now. I’ll be trading this 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean   for this peek-a-boo view of the St. John River

I’ve spent a big portion of my Holiday Vacation at home packing up for the weekend of January 15th when we load up the Moving Van for our 2,400 mile trek east. What the hell, another adventure.

It is my Goal for 2010 to make  Club St. Somewhere: Following In Jimmy Buffett’s Wake a meaningful place for discerning Parrot Heads and Jimmy Buffett Fans discuss where being a Jimmy Buffett Fan has taken them. It is my hope that we will start getting some meaningful comments and thoughts from the people that are starting to show up here. During the month of January and February I will be doing some promotion to get more people stopping by, and you all can contribute to the effort by commenting or inviting any of your friends that you think might be interested in Club St. Somewhere to stop by.

I wish you all an exciting and adventuresome New Year.



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