A Cowboy with a Camera… And So Much More

Hugo Duarte is so much more that than that crazy cowboy you might have seen in Key West at the Hog’s Breath. And as time goes on here at Club St.  Somewhere,  you will get to know and love the man I have come to know over the past ten or twelve years.

Has there ever been someone in your life that you didn’t see that much of, but the times you did spend with them were so meaningful, that it was like you were  brothers? Well, that’s the case with my little Cuban friend, Hugo Duarte. From the first time He, Barb and I sat on the deck of Louie’s Backyard swapping  stories, I  have cherished what this man has brought into my life. And I thought we Irish were “Softies.” This guy has a side to him that is amazing.

I got the chance to catch up with Hugo today by cell phone. He was driving across, up through, or down to lower North Carolina to visit with his Mom (I don’t know  where she lives obviously) on her  birthday (what a Son). He had seen my comments on his photography that I had posted here on my Blog and wanted to thank me  – No  need there Hugo my man. Then  he asked if I’d seen a video of  an A Cappella Choir he had posted.

Well, after hanging up, I immediately when to his FG Page to look for the video he was talking about, but before finding it (I still haven’t) I ran across another video  he had posted on December 26th of a group called Perpetuum Jazzile with the following comment:

Hello Everyone! It is a new day and with each new day comes the opportunity to open our eyes, find new inspiration, count  blessings and discover the joy that is all around us. The link I’m sharing with all of you today is a clip that always amazes me  and lifts my spirits on a wave of joy. I hope it strikes you the same way! Love to all! Cheers!        Hugo

And now… Here’s the Video. Hugo and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did…


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