Jimmy’s Sister Gets Much Deserved Accolades

From the time LuLu’s opened as a small little restaurant on a pier I was drawn to the place. Unfortunately for me, I never made it to the original location. But I did end up there at it’s great new digs in the summer of 2005 when Barbara and I took our two oldest grand-daughters, Kirsten and Autumn on a Road Trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

If I ever get the time, I’d love to write a whole article why visiting LuLu’s had got to be on your “List of Things to Do Today.” Until then, enjoy this article on LuLu’s Restaurant and Jimmy’s Sister. And for God’s Sake, don’t wait for me write my article before going. Just this last November, I was there on a Solo Road Dawg Trip down to Gulf Shores to hear Will Kimbrough.


2 Comments to “Jimmy’s Sister Gets Much Deserved Accolades”

  1. You could go on and on about LuLu’s and everything that makes it special and never paint a complete picture. The accolades all come out like lyrics to a Gulf Coast inspired song.
    Yep, we love this place.

    • I agree Robbie. I haven’t spent enough time there for sure. My last stop was when visiting GS to see Will Kimbrough. Stopped in for lunch on my way out of town returning to GA.

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