Talk about your 7 Degrees of Jimmy Buffett... There’s a lot more people about to have there Lives touched by Bubba. And what better way to do it? This SWAT Boat is a work boat. I spent six years on the Newport Beach/Dana Point Harbour Patrol when I was a young man, and I know a good Work Boat when I see one.

Over the years I have become so tired of the “Buffett has Sold Out Crowd.” My question to them is simple: What the Fuck are you doing about the Oil in the Gulf heading towards the Gulf Shores, Florida and beyond. His business success has put him in a place that he can do a lot of good. He has set the future for his family, and people take pot shots at him.  I have always though this approach to observing Jimmy Buffett rather petty, and don’t pay much attention to them.

I really just want to say how cool I think the SWAT is and to thank Jimmy and his Buddies.



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