Knee Deep In the Water Somewhere

In my incarnation as a 21st Century Jimmy Buffett Fan, I am learning to adjust my expectations of Jimmy. So, how’s that working for me? Well, I don’t expect a whole hell of a lot except for Jimmy to have as much fun as he can, and not to give a shit about what a bunch of Parrot Heads expect. And he seems to be doing just that.

Case in point…Jimmy teaming up with Zac Brown on the new Knee Deep In It Video. I’ve spent a lot of time on the west coast of Mexico myself, and this video was shot  just 2 1/2 hours south of where my wife and I got married 37 years ago this August.

Love the Video…and love the song. Great lyrics. I especially like:

  • Mind on a Permanent Vacation
  • Only Worry in the World is the Tide Gonna Reach My Chair?
  • The Ocean is my Only Medication.
So, check out the Video for yourself and see what you think. And for the kind of Stuff you don’t get on any of the other Buffett Sites…’cause that’s the way my mind works…Check out this Costa Careyes Resort Link to see where Zac shot the video. In fact he stayed at the Resort (of course he did).
And as soon as you can, Put the World away for a minute….


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