Welcome to my latest incarnation of celebrating the Jimmy Buffett side of my life. No matter if you’re like me and picked up on what Jimmy was trying to do in the mid Seventies; Hopped onboard just as the term Parrothead was being coined in the mid Eighties; Came out of your Bubba Closet with Al Gore’s invention of the Internet in the mid Nineties; or you’re a late comer Frat Boy Fan of the ‘0’s, we’re all, in our own way, Following in Jimmy’s Wake.

Now just what does following in Jimmy’s Wake mean. Well as far as this Blog is concerned it’s about the music I have been exposed to; the places I have visited; and the people I have met along the way. In a big way, it’s kind of The Seven Degrees of Jimmy Buffett! It’s an exorcism of sorts too. It’s cathartic also as I look back to see just being a Jimmy Buffett Fan effected my life.

So, join me if you will as I make my Final Attempt (I hope) to Get It On Paper (Ok, a computer screen). Then I can fade away in to my own little world as an Expatriated Parrothead.



6 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi Jackson,
    It was great meeting you at Eddie’s last night, learning of your blog and checking out your posts. How do I get your Pirate Cove video to play? It keeps asking me to reply to a friend request that I do not see.

    See ya around,

    Ed Lee
    Auburn, AL

  2. Hi Jackson. I’d be glad to get your advice for my project. I’m going to have the demo version of the song completed in a few weeks to give submitters to try out their lyriics in the song before they submit them. I’ve got about 40 submissions in just a few days so far. I’m going to start posting them on my website soon. Keep in touch. Mark

  3. Jackson, I’ve been plugging your blog site here over on the *Buffetty* comic strip side of the ‘Net (The BN Critters Facebook site*). As always …. great stuff. I’ve rated your blogs as SURFPIRATE APPROVED, which may or may not be the greatest endorsement you’ll ever receive. Take care and stay in touch.

    ~~~ Bob a.k.a. “the” surfpirate (accept no imitations)

    * http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-BN-Critters-Comic-Strip/235148420183

    • I’m in the need of some of your humor. I’ll visit the Critters soon. U up for an interview? I’m living in Jacksonville and lovin’ it. I’ll give you a call and we’ll catch up. If I catch you at a busy time…just let it go to VM.


    • Do I get some sort of Banner to put on my new Web Site. Hey by the way, email me your phone #. I need to give you some shit… Plus some inside scoop of course.

  4. An interview? What about my notorious distrust of reporters, paparazzi and my obsessive desire for privacy? (Not buying that, eh?) Then certainly dude. Anytime. So for your homework here’s a reminder of the multiple interlinking locations of the various BN Critters enterprises. website (http://www.bncritters.com) …… social network (http://www.crittervillecove.com) …… Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-BN-Critters-Comic-Strip/235148420183) ….. Twitter (http://twitter.com/thesurfpirate) …… Surf Shop (http://www.zazzle.com/surfpir8).

    Plus their forum at BuffettNews ….. http://www.buffettnews.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=56

    All updated daily, M-F, island time. Busy guy aren’t I?

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