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July 3, 2011

Black Fly Outfitters

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this Blog. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a Radio Show I started doing with my son called The Thad and His Dad Show. So, before I posted I checked how long it had been…It was March 11 of this year. Then I took it one step further, and checked what was going on with this Blog last July 4th. Boy that was a Surprise. Last July 3rd, I posted a story about Vaughn Cochran, one of Jimmy Buffett’s Wing Men during his early days in Key West. It’s ironic, because just yesterday, I finally visited Black Fly Outfitters, and got to meet Vaughn in person. He was a great guy, and willing to share many stories while I was there. I look forward to having lunch with Vaughn soon.

I of course had to buy a hat and one of their really cool Buff’s while I was there. It was then that Vaughn shared a really cool story with me. It seems Martin Kaymer was playing in a PGA Tournament early this year, and it was really cold, so a member of his team went out and bought a Black Fly Outfitter’s Buff without knowing anything about the Company or that the Buff was really mostly used by Bone Fishing Enthusiast to protect themselves from the blazing sun while out on the flats.

The commentators noticed that Martin was wearing a piece of golf clothing they had not ever seen, and started talking about it on air. By the second day, they had done their research, and informed the TV audience that it was indeed a Black Fly Outfitter’s Buff. And guess what happened? By the next day, the Black Fly Outfitter’s Web Site crashed from so many people logging in to by a buff. I’ll be wearing my cool new Black Fly Outfitter’s Hat and Buff over this 4th of July Weekend. Want to be cool like Martin Kaymer and me? Go the the Black Fly Outfitter’s Web Site and get a hat and Buff of you own.

July 2, 2010

It’s All Part of Being a 21st Century Parrothead

I’m beginning to think that if you’re not on Twitter, you’re not a 21st Century PH. Twitter lead me to a surprise concert as Bubba stopped by his sister’s restaurant, LuLu’s down in Gulf Shores this past Wednesday. Man, can you imagine sitting down for dinner and seeing Buffett and the Coral Reefers take the stage unannounced?

Anyway, as I walked into my hotel room after work, I checked my Twitter account (using TweetDeck of course) and noticed some of my friends “Tweeting” that you could join Jimmy at LuLu’s on Radio Margaritaville. Now, it wasn’t quite as cool as seeing Jimmy when he showed up on Greene St. in Key West for his 1st ever MOTM appearance, but it was pretty damn cool.

So, if you want to be a 21 Century PH of the highest caliber, get your ass on Twitter. You won’t miss any of the fun! And when you do, follow @ClubStSomewhere. Jimmy and many of the Reefers are hanging out there too…See you there.

June 30, 2010

Piece of Work

This song is in constant iPod/iPhone Rotation; Both Jimmy’s and Will’s versions.

To top it off, I ran into this little thing on YouTube months ago, lost track of it, and just stumbled across it again. today.

I’d like to share it with the Club:

June 15, 2010


Talk about your 7 Degrees of Jimmy Buffett... There’s a lot more people about to have there Lives touched by Bubba. And what better way to do it? This SWAT Boat is a work boat. I spent six years on the Newport Beach/Dana Point Harbour Patrol when I was a young man, and I know a good Work Boat when I see one.

Over the years I have become so tired of the “Buffett has Sold Out Crowd.” My question to them is simple: What the Fuck are you doing about the Oil in the Gulf heading towards the Gulf Shores, Florida and beyond. His business success has put him in a place that he can do a lot of good. He has set the future for his family, and people take pot shots at him.  I have always though this approach to observing Jimmy Buffett rather petty, and don’t pay much attention to them.

I really just want to say how cool I think the SWAT is and to thank Jimmy and his Buddies.


May 15, 2010

Just Another Jamaica Mistaka!!!!!

I’m beginning to see the “Tweeter” Phenomenon a little differently. Tweets don’t have to be as mundane as letting people know you had a bowel movement. And everyone, including your’s truly, is doing it: Including Margaritaville. Today I got a Tweet from Jimmy’s people letting me know that Jimmy lastest landing on the island of Jamaica was honored as being the first international flight to land at the newly upgraded Boscobel Aerodrome. The attached article from the  Jamaica Information Service however contained mistakes and missed opportunities to expand the article.

OK…What’s my beef with the article:

  1. First, this happy little island insults our Calypso Poet by putting bullets through the Hemisphere Dancer as Jimmy came to visit the island for lunch one day back in 1996. Then15 years later, the Jamaica Information Service further insults Jimmy by misspelling his last name while trying to honor him.
  2. Missed opportunities? Well, they don’t even mention the previous incident; and then they don’t mention that Chris Blackwell happened to be with Jimmy on both of these infamous flights!

But hey…this is just One Particular Parrot Head’s take on the matter.