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December 18, 2012


Well… As I wrap up my book, I can see this is one of the areas of my Social Media I want to spend some time on…

The book is going to be releases June 4th, 2013… even with all the manuscript delivery extensions my Publisher, Hal Leonard Backbeat Books, has been so kind to give to me. I’m still in the process of polishing off the final draft with inclusions of some great new friends who has some first hand insight into the start of Jimmy’s career. More on that later…

We’ll be picking up some traction on Facebook and Twitter also.

In the meantime, I’d like to turn you on to some music I’ve been listening to lately:

First Buzz Cason…

Go by and listen on iTunes or better yet, go by – My Review will come soon. I’m too busy listening to it to write one.


February 5, 2010

WINGS – Available February 23rd

Well, most of the last month has been spent with the travel and the work involved with moving from Capo Beach, Southern California to the Right Coast and our new Home in Jacksonville, Florida. All that, and making a living at my day job! It feels great to be back writing for my Blog here at Club St. Somewhere. And since I just ordered my copy of Will Kimbrough’s Wings, it’s the perfect topic to jump back on track with.

In my past Parrothead Life, I was truly blessed in the things that came my way, like:

  • Spending time backstage at the Tonight Show talking to Jimmy
  • Putting together and emceeing the first Big Parrothead Phlocking on the Left Coast, It’s Midnight and I’m Not Famous Yet
  • Being on Greene Street in Key West for Jimmy’s first appearance at MTOM
  • Singing Bob Robert’s Society Band on Tommy Rocker’s Stage in Las Vegas with Tina Gullickson
  • Playing Golf with Finger’s Taylor
  • Hosting A Well Deserved Long Over Due Binge, where we were the first to hire the Coral Reefer Horn Section and Jimmy’s “T-Shirt Guys” Tim and Wally – Not to mention doing the Shark Dance on stage with Heather Dee Perry
  • Sharing a microphone with Dr. Michael Utley singing Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year-Old Daughter Home
  • Singing Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year-Old Daughter Home with Jerry Gontang, not only on stage at the MGM Grand, but on the Pier House Beach in Key West to 2000 MOTM Parrot Heads
  • Drinking Beer with Amy Lee in Atlanta
  • Touring Chicago Jazz Clubs with TC Mitchell
  • Meeting past Coral Reefers Josh Leo and Larry Michael Lee
  • Getting a Private Rehearsal Concert from Jimmy and the Reefers in New Orleans (the only person in the audience until I went out and brought my wife in to join me) – Jimmy even sat down and talked with Barb and I after the rehearsal
  • Breakfast a Pepe’s with Mac McAnally
  • Conducting a Video Interview with Tom Corcoran
  • Meeting the promoter of the famous Ohio Concert where the Volcano caught on fire and hearing his story
  • Meeting the first concert promoters to bring Jimmy to Florida, Joe Nuzzo and Johnny Green
  • Going to every show of the Beach House on the Moon Tour
  • Being interviewed by the Today Show as a Parrot Head Author
  • Going backstage for the load out after the Labor Day Weekend Shows at Great Woods and getting a tour of the Tour Busses hosted by JL Jamison
  • Private tour of Shrimpboat Sound by JL Jamison
  • Touring LaLa Land in Muscle Shoals
  • Being asked by Mac McAnally to introduce he, Fingers and Peter at one of their concerts

And Much Much More…

But discovering a talent like Will Kimbrough at this particular stage of his career is every bit as exciting as anything I was lucky enough to do in my past Parrothead Life. Especially as it becomes apparent what a huge success and star Will is going to be. This man is such a talent, and truly one of the nicest individuals I have ever met. He deserves whatever comes his way. It will be so much fun to witness. The past months of Spontaneous Combustion I have experienced in getting to know Will and becoming familiar with his work to date has been awesome. I’m thankful to have a place to share all this with my friends.

So jump onboard the Will Kimbrough Express while the train is  just now pulling out of the station. Pretty soon, thing will be going so fast it will be hard to catch up. Music is the same, but the ways in which a musician shares himself with his fans is changing. As seen with the above YouTube Videos. Please enjoy.

November 24, 2009

Peter Mayer – Key West Sound Check

As I’m working on editing and uploading all my video footage of Will Kimbrough down in LA (Lower Alabama), I thought I’d share this little gem I ran across at lunch (Cup of Noodles in my hotel room) today. I’m going to see about getting Pete’s new album tonight. I  need a fix of him singing Beatles Tunes… Don’t you?

November 19, 2009

TC Mitchell – Blowin’ In Brazil

TC Mitchell was a central player in the Reefer Horn Section for fifteen years. Well, he’s been keeping busy Internationally since his Reefer Daze. Here’s TC Blowin’ In Brazil last weekend. I’m sure I’m speaking for a lot of your fans when I say… We Miss You TC!