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November 4, 2009


Just spent the last hour or so trying to dig up information on Pirate’s Cove. While there’s not a lot of information or photos on the net, there was certainly enough to peak my interest, if not for the neighborhood alone. Pirate’s Cove is near the Florida/Alabama Border, thus close to the FloraBama. I’m anxious to find out how much is left of this infamous PH Establishment. Then you have LuLu’s near by, and Perdido Key. I’m really looking forward to my little Road Trip down to the Gulf Coast. I’m looking at a six hour ride in a rental car, but I’m counting on it being well worth it. And getting to see Will Kimbrough perform at a truly Southern Establishment, like this looks to be, will be the icing on the cake. I’m getting old, but I still get my Road Dawg on as often as possible.