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November 25, 2009

Peter & Jim with a little help from their Friends…

Some musicians would be satisfied just to perform the music the Beatles gave us. But for Peter and Jim Mayer, they had to do more. They had to EXPERIENCE it. Enjoy the collection of videos that led up to Peter’s new album. And watch closely. If you know who and what to look for, you will see that J. L. Jamison in one of the videos. Only the most astute of Parrotheads know who I’m talking about. Enjoy…


November 24, 2009

Peter Mayer – Key West Sound Check

As I’m working on editing and uploading all my video footage of Will Kimbrough down in LA (Lower Alabama), I thought I’d share this little gem I ran across at lunch (Cup of Noodles in my hotel room) today. I’m going to see about getting Pete’s new album tonight. I ┬áneed a fix of him singing Beatles Tunes… Don’t you?

November 20, 2009

A Sneak Peak at Pirate’s Cove – Josephine, Alabama

Ever since I made plans to catch Will Kimbrough at Pirates Cove on November 21, I’ve been trying to get a feel for what kind of place I’d end up. After a picture here and there on the Internet, I finally stumbles across this Video that gave me a pretty good idea of what to expect. I’d heard the Dogs had the run of the place, and it looks like that’s a fact. This was shot on a Summer’s Day, and it’s almost Winter now, but I’m still looking forward to it. Boats, Music and Dogs… Three of my favorite things.

I got the chance to talk to Will Kimbrough on the phone today as he was driving down I-65 from Nashville. Man, what a guy! I’m really looking forward to meeting him in person. I need a Road Trip, and I’ll be hitting the road from Atlanta down to Gulf Shores tomorrow mid-day. Look out Red Neck Riviera, Bubba’s comin’ your way.

November 20, 2009

Mac McAnally is Finally Getting His Due…

Mac McAnally – 2008 & 2009 CMA Musician of the Year

I had several Videos to represent “Down the Road,” but I pick one that simply showed the Lyrics. That’s what Mac is all about… The Words. This Man can write songs with the best of them. Thanks Mac!

Kenny and Mac Perform “Down the Road”

(Comment on the Audience: If I had the chance to be this close to this much Talent, I sure would be talkin’, drinkin’ and whoopin’ it up. Show some respect you Rednecks!)

November 20, 2009

Guy Clark – “Hollywood”

Hollywood Goes Down Like Honey – Hollywood Taste Like Money

An Interview with Guy Clark

L.A. Freeway

Guy came out of the blue for me. In the past few weeks, his name kept coming up. Giving me pause and asking, “Where in the Hell have I been? How did I ever miss this Guy?

I know I’ve seen and heard him, but I guess I just wasn’t paying attention. Damn!