December 18, 2012


Well… As I wrap up my book, I can see this is one of the areas of my Social Media I want to spend some time on…

The book is going to be releases June 4th, 2013… even with all the manuscript delivery extensions my Publisher, Hal Leonard Backbeat Books, has been so kind to give to me. I’m still in the process of polishing off the final draft with inclusions of some great new friends who has some first hand insight into the start of Jimmy’s career. More on that later…

We’ll be picking up some traction on Facebook and Twitter also.

In the meantime, I’d like to turn you on to some music I’ve been listening to lately:

First Buzz Cason…

Go by and listen on iTunes or better yet, go by – My Review will come soon. I’m too busy listening to it to write one.


December 18, 2011


1944 – 2011


July 9, 2011

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I can hear it now…How the heck is this guy going to tie the Rolling Stones with Jimmy Buffett?

That’s easy: I once had a tape of Buffett, and let’s just leave it that he was “feelin’ no pain,” doing the Stones in some unknown bar or at party somewhere. And he was friggin’ great. But it goes beyond that…

Here’s a video of Jimmy singing his rendition of the Rolling Stone Classic. He may be a Wedding Singer, but you have to admit…it looks like he’s having fun.

I have to wonder: What did the good Doctor tip?

July 4, 2011

Knee Deep In the Water Somewhere

In my incarnation as a 21st Century Jimmy Buffett Fan, I am learning to adjust my expectations of Jimmy. So, how’s that working for me? Well, I don’t expect a whole hell of a lot except for Jimmy to have as much fun as he can, and not to give a shit about what a bunch of Parrot Heads expect. And he seems to be doing just that.

Case in point…Jimmy teaming up with Zac Brown on the new Knee Deep In It Video. I’ve spent a lot of time on the west coast of Mexico myself, and this video was shot  just 2 1/2 hours south of where my wife and I got married 37 years ago this August.

Love the Video…and love the song. Great lyrics. I especially like:

  • Mind on a Permanent Vacation
  • Only Worry in the World is the Tide Gonna Reach My Chair?
  • The Ocean is my Only Medication.
So, check out the Video for yourself and see what you think. And for the kind of Stuff you don’t get on any of the other Buffett Sites…’cause that’s the way my mind works…Check out this Costa Careyes Resort Link to see where Zac shot the video. In fact he stayed at the Resort (of course he did).
And as soon as you can, Put the World away for a minute….

July 3, 2011

Black Fly Outfitters

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this Blog. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a Radio Show I started doing with my son called The Thad and His Dad Show. So, before I posted I checked how long it had been…It was March 11 of this year. Then I took it one step further, and checked what was going on with this Blog last July 4th. Boy that was a Surprise. Last July 3rd, I posted a story about Vaughn Cochran, one of Jimmy Buffett’s Wing Men during his early days in Key West. It’s ironic, because just yesterday, I finally visited Black Fly Outfitters, and got to meet Vaughn in person. He was a great guy, and willing to share many stories while I was there. I look forward to having lunch with Vaughn soon.

I of course had to buy a hat and one of their really cool Buff’s while I was there. It was then that Vaughn shared a really cool story with me. It seems Martin Kaymer was playing in a PGA Tournament early this year, and it was really cold, so a member of his team went out and bought a Black Fly Outfitter’s Buff without knowing anything about the Company or that the Buff was really mostly used by Bone Fishing Enthusiast to protect themselves from the blazing sun while out on the flats.

The commentators noticed that Martin was wearing a piece of golf clothing they had not ever seen, and started talking about it on air. By the second day, they had done their research, and informed the TV audience that it was indeed a Black Fly Outfitter’s Buff. And guess what happened? By the next day, the Black Fly Outfitter’s Web Site crashed from so many people logging in to by a buff. I’ll be wearing my cool new Black Fly Outfitter’s Hat and Buff over this 4th of July Weekend. Want to be cool like Martin Kaymer and me? Go the the Black Fly Outfitter’s Web Site and get a hat and Buff of you own.